the brand


About the brand:

Hana Zooda offers three product lines:

• Couture

• Luxury Ready-to-Wear

• The bridal ceremony

Her distinctive intricate drapery blends traditional and contemporary apparel. Concentrating on a captivating woman will make you feel elegant and respectable.

The brand offers high-quality fabrics, handwork, and finishes.

Hana's commitment to her designs and desire for excellence in every item she distributes is one of her brand's key aspects.

To help stem the flow of plastic into the ocean, we have committed to eliminating single-use plastic from th product range and food outlets by 2023.

The Designer

Having been inspired by the world of fashion from a young age in Sweden, Hana aspires to be a fashion designer. As a child, she enjoyed making new costumes for her dolls from the cloth her mother had left behind. Her passion for what she did led her to remake and alter existing garment patterns. She hopes to empower women through her creations and enhance their natural attractiveness.Since Zooda spent her formative years in Europe, that influence can be seen in her creations. She adores fusing European fashion's elegant simplicity and contemporary style with opulent Arabian attire.